How It's Made


Each Blueberry Hill hat begins its journey in Salt Lake City, Utah, where it is designed in house. We're constantly inspired by you and your Littles, and are always thinking of new, creative ways to enhance your child's imagination and create lasting memories.

Once our designs are completed, we work closely with our knitters in Jiangsu, China to ensure that every piece is ready to be delivered from their hands to your door. 

Here at The Blueberry Hill, ethical treatment of workers is very important to us. Thus, we love knowing that our hats are being knit by people working either in the comfort of their own homes, or surrounded by fellow knitters and friends. To ensure the fair treatment of our knitters, we've gone to visit and make friends in Shanan. We can conclusively say that every precious Blueberry Hill hat and accessory is handmade in the best of circumstances with the greatest amount of care.


Meet some of our knitters: