At The Blueberry Hill, we are dedicated to making memories. Each tiny stitch is intended to celebrate daily life and capture every moment- because we know your Littles aren’t tiny for long.

The Blueberry Hill hats, clothing and accessories are made from quality material and are intended to be passed down to smaller friends and siblings. Our products are timeless, effortless and fun. Whether it’s for dressing up, photo ops, everyday shenanigans, or cozy moments, we’ve combined high quality with modern flair to create the perfect pieces.

The Blueberry Hill was founded in a memorable fashion, in Jenn Davis’ living room. Here she involved her own kids in the creative process. Jenn constantly asked them to try on and perfect each project.

Today, each Blueberry Hill product carries those same founding principles and feelings in every stitch. Each hat is knit by loving, careful hands in China. Instead of being produced in a large factory, we choose to have our hats hand-knit by moms, dads, grandparents, and friends who work in the comfort of their own homes, at their own pace. At times, our workers get together to knit in the presence of friends, only adding more love and good feelings into every accessory. Every smile, every laugh, and every meal shared together while knitting creates a memory, and isn’t that what The Blueberry Hill is all about?
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